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Positional Standing

If the Scripture is proper as well as we are seated in Heavenly areas in Christ Jesus, why do we act so “earthly?” If we are absolutely raised with Christ, why are we so easily besieged with the problems of life?

What’s Going On in Some Christian Institutions?

There are practices in some residences as well as Christian organizations that do not appear to be Christian. The viewers is asked to evaluate what requires to be done.

Can We Judge Ourselves?

Christian parents and also children’s houses need to take a hard take a look at themselves as well as their approaches. Some “mistakes” being made have actually developed into policy.

Is There Child Abuse Among Us

The Christian Church needs to take supply of a few of its techniques of elevating kids. Some feel they are following the Scriptures when actually they are merely doing the very easy point.

Practise for Serving and Service

We usually enable ourselves to come to be lorn. We get caught up in tales as well as concerns that have absolutely nothing to do with our redemption.

To Be a Good Follower

My father-in-law sent me this story: A little kid yearned to fulfill the Heavenly Dad. He realised it would spend some time to take a trip to where the Lord lived.

Prayer Changes You

Summer early mornings in the Western Cape are so refreshing. Early in the morning there is no web traffic sound, no loud individuals.

Between Heaven and Hell, a Thank You

What does sin try and do? Sin attempts to take the enjoyable from life.

Jesus Loosens the Handbrake

Jesus freed all who accepted Him as their Saviour from the effects of transgression. He opened the shackles of transgression that bound us.

News Vs Fake News

Fake news is enhancing day-by-day. Throughout elections, for instance, individuals are pestered by a lot details about the prospects, and a lot of it is not also real.

What to Believe

There will certainly come a time when individuals will no much longer count on God’s message of redemption. Individuals will certainly transform their back on the Scripture as well as dismiss it as rubbish.

You Believe in the Truth

Have you ever questioned whether you are included with the ideal faith? When I consider all the various other religions and also their total dedication, how much effort they place in, and the hrs they dedicate to their religious beliefs, I have actually in some cases asked yourself whether we are on the right roadway.

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