Blacktail Ski Area hosting annual fundraiser

Cross-Country Skiing in Norway – The Gudbrandsdal Valley

If you are considering a cross-country ski journey to Norway it can be hard to know which ski centre to choose. This article offers some advice for the new site visitor and also suggests you take into consideration the Gudbrandsdal Valley.

Cross-Country Skiing With Children – Using a Pulk Sled

Utilizing a pulk sled is a terrific method to introduce your children to the snow. This short article shows you just how to keep things delightful and risk-free.

Two of the Best Places to Ski Off Piste in Switzerland

Looking to ski off piste in Europe? Switzerland has a few of the best off piste snowboarding worldwide, that can be taken pleasure in whether you’re a skilled pro or simply beginning! Take a look at 2 of Pure Powder’s complement piste destinations in Switzerland.

Cross-Country Skiing – How Do I Slow Down?

This short article reveals how to slow down and quit on cross-country skis. It defines the half-snowplough technique.

Two of the Best Places to Ski Off Piste in France

Discovering someplace to off piste ski can be a complicated task! Below are 2 recommendations of where to obtain your off piste skiing solution in France.

Tips on Ski Equipment for Beginners

Getting the right ski tools should be among your top concerns, especially if you have actually never ever been on the inclines prior to. While it is necessary to look good, it’s a lot more vital to be as safe as feasible when you get on the hill. Right here is some information that needs to assist you achieve both of those objectives.

The 4 Best Canadian Resorts for Powder Skiing

When searching for a ski hotel to discover exceptional powder snow, the variety of options can be discouraging. Below I have actually offered what we believe are the most effective resorts for powder winter sports in Canada!

Off Piste Skiing – Not Too Extreme?

Is skiing off piste actually as hardcore as the clips online make it bent on be? Absolutely not. Off piste snowboarding can be for everybody – you just need to transform away from crowded runs to figure out. Read below for more …

Get In Shape for Alpine Ski Touring!

Educating for backcountry winter sports is not such as training for cross-country snowboarding. Rigorous cardiovascular training like long-distance running is not sufficient! Not just do we travel long distances, which calls for cardio training, however we likewise should carry heavy packs as well as climb hillsides, which need anaerobic training. Obtaining in shape before you hit the slopes will aid you ski much better as well as safer as a result.

Skiboards – The True Ski Alternative Skiboards: Easy to Learn, Highly Affordable and SO Much Fun!

Allow’s face it, not everybody locates winter sports to be fun, specifically when starting. Consider the lessons, awkward minutes on capital, the periodic crossing of the pointers, and also obviously, carrying all that equipment to and from.

What Is Man-Made Snow?

Fake snow is utilized on various events as well as for varied purposes. Below is a post concerning right that phony snow is made use of.

Teetering on the White Edge – A First Attempt to Ski

Right here we explore the distinct thrill of a pupil’s first school ski trip. For many trainees, this will be the trip of a lifetime.

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