DR Mission Fundraiser Video Summer 2021

What Are You Observing?

When you rise in the morning, what do you see? Do you see the negatives of life or the positiveness of God’s participation?

God Wants to Use You

Allow’s return to the time when the author was below in the world for a moment. Prior to this, Jesus was still in the world, as well as He disturbed the applecart.

The Jews Have No Rights to Israel

The substantial death toll in Gaza results from the Jews bombarding innocent individuals. They took the name Israel as the hate as well as force behind phony faiths constructs internationally They swiped the name Israel to construct out they inherited the land from God. Nothing can be even more from the reality.

It Is Time to Eulogize

How often do we applaud the Lord? What is appreciation? Exactly how does words “eulogize” fit into the Believer’s activities?

Stop the Train

Within 3 verses the writer of Hebrews repeats the very same message three times: 5 … yet in this other text he says, “They’ll never ever be able to take a seat and also remainder.” So this promise has not yet been met.

God’s Other Side

I didn’t know my own papa well, due to the fact that apart from the reality that he passed away when I was thirteen years old, he was a preacher and also, in those days, the preacher came from the churchgoers. He invested most of his time with the congregation.

Stability in an Unstable World

Today, really few points are dealt with. My friend has a very high setting in a big business.

Ready: Prepared, All Set, Geared Up

The word that I keep in mind most from my army days is to be ready. It was drilled right into you and I can still hear the team sergeant roar across the ceremony ground: “Troops!

You’re a Beneficiary

Long prior to her death, my mom someday called everybody youngsters together at her house. She had made a decision that every little thing that would eventually end up being component of her estate would locate an owner that day.

Blinded by the World

South Africans have a method of treating any type of brand-new large happening worldwide with a wonderful sense of humour. This was proven again with the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Commie Chronicles – Episode 8

Communism is dead. That is the typical refrain when you claim today’s Democrats are commies. Communism is to life and well and growing in the halls of Congress. In this once a week collection, we’ll check out the signs of our times. It’s an instructional journey to wake up the masses to our death. Come along for an eye-opening journey exploring the attack on faith.

Shortest Route to Joy and Peace

Sometimes I want we can obtain some parts of the Holy bible or just skip over them. Those parts that get you by the throat and quit you dead.

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