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You Are in Control!

I wonder, do you in some cases feel that you are incapable to fix others? I in some cases feel that I’m too wicked or simply lack the capability and also power to operate in the Kingdom of God.

Soft Words and Reprimands

Before my quiet time, I gazed at the emails that had landed in my inbox with the evening. The one from Willie caught my eye: I review your item concerning a lot of flaws today.

Pornography: Destroys

Porn has a massive effect. Allow me reveal what a target’s heart appears like: I like my spouse deeply as well as I believe he enjoys me equally as much, but he is addicted to pornography.

The Two Responses

Exactly how do we react to the delays in our prayer requests? How do we take care of the mythological as related to our attitude? Just how vital is time to our requests?

Overflow and Be Different

Annatjie responded as follows on a Crossroads message: It is really wonderful to share love similar to this. I have actually been operating at a day-care in Australia for five years currently.

Part of the People

I had the privilege of going to a number of various nations in a short room of time. The Netherlands, France and Australia, and also more detailed to residence here in Africa: Namibia, Botswana as well as Zimbabwe.

You and Your Debt

God is a doing God. God is a God who maintains his Word.

Very Thirsty!

My children are head over heels. The one that is examining in Cape Town can’t wait on 14:00, since after that she can leap in her cars and truck and also thrill residence – the boyfriend stays simply around the bend.

Our Angels

A friend told me the following: You recognize, a mother is constantly wishing her kids. It coincides with me and also Lollapot.

To Live Right

The Word of God is there to overview and also aid us to ensure that we can find out just how to go through life the ideal way. In some cases one expression can keep you hectic for a while.

Indulgent Desires

Back to the 16-day vacation. My eyes almost popped out of my head when I hopped on the range.

Let Go of the Wrong Life Style and Desires

We haven’t gotten here the day we satisfy Christ and also approve Him as our Saviour. That’s not the coating line, yet the beginning factor.

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