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A Cock That Crows

I am challenged with the question: Am I prepared to endure for my confidence? Am I prepared to distribute all my earthly items to thieves as well as murderers simply to show them what the love of Jesus looks like?

Prophets in the World of Today

My little girl’s close friend goes into with a joke: Just how do two prophets welcome each other? “You are succeeding.

To Hear God’s Spirit

The Lord has actually never ever talked with me in an audible voice. I’ve never ever heard a deep voice saying: “Gerjo Ben, you have to do this or that”.

Talk to the Lord

Like it happens in all marriages, my other half and also I often additionally say. Typically concerning the tiniest of points and after that a cold war endangers.

Gratitude Breaks Through Dark Clouds

Giepie, a policeman from Oshakati in Oshana, Namibia, wrote to me: One morning my arm pain. I went to the State hospital where a young Army physician was on task and whined to him regarding my arm.

What Is The Curse of Christmas?

A lot of accidents, calamities, murders, self-destructions, and other points occur around the months of December to January. The concern is why? The majority of will happily lie to their children, to others, and also eventually to themselves.

The Queen Of The Sciences

In old times Aristotle attempted to fit all knowledge in one whole system. Thomas Aquinas followed him in this effort. We have provided this up much more or less after Hegel. Nowadays we are material with making illustrations a la van Gogh. Yet there is a certain feeling of being shed in a jungle of facts as well as findings. Maybe we should make an impressionistic sketch about the various other illustrations!

Jesus Came – A Real Saviour!

A saviour is a person who rescues or saves a person or a number of from major difficulty or severe risk, from which they had no method to rescue themselves. Exactly how is Jesus a Saviour? We must make this clear.

Which Group?

There is a parallel between the nonreligious academic system as well as the Church. Both the colleges as well as the churches present a 3 tier system of commitment. This post checks out those similarities.

To Think Or Not To Think And To Feel Or Not To Feel

Is it rewarding in all to try to recognize life, or must we simply feel it as well as go with the flow? Why not incorporate Apollo as well as Dionysius? Why not really feel in a reasonable means and also why not believe with our vulnerable emotions? Possibly it is incorrect to produce the mind and to switch on the spirit. Maybe we must recognize our whole being, spirit, soul as well as body and not ignore the mind, principles and will either.

Where Have Our Joy Gone?

We are emotional beings. God made us in this way.

The Lumberjack

We are not called to be lumberyards, that display various kinds of “light beams,” however loving and also type people that see the great in others. When we do away with our “judgement timber” we will most likely not also see the imperfections in others!

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