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Out of the House

What took place in Jerusalem ten days after Jesus’ ascension? What was the outcome of the empowering of the Disciples during the Feast of Pentecost? What is the lesson for the Church today?

Water and the Spirit

Why did Nicodemus come to Jesus in the evening and what was his objective in appealing Jesus? Was he after the reality or was he trying to trick Jesus into saying something that would place Him in dispute with the Scriptures?

R U Happy

Do you cry when you are dissatisfied? Maybe you never ever have enjoyed. Please allow me help you keeping that.

Impeachment Who Is in Control?

As I watch the Senate Trial of the impeachment of our Head of state, I wish to remind my viewers that God remains in control. “Allow everyone go through the regulating authorities, for there is no authority other than that which God has developed. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” Romans 13:1 NIV

The Legend of Heracles and the Monster Hydra

Battle Royale Heracles or Hercules was the illegitimate boy of the God Zeus. When his partner Hera discovered Heracles she resolved to get him killed. She wished that the dreaded several headed Hydra would kill Heracles.

Off the Cliff

Why did Jesus permit the devil’s demand to get in the swine? What is the objective of this story? What lessons do we gain from these activities?

Plateau Massacre: Presidency Slams PDP For Crying Crocodile Tears

The Presidency has hit once again on the Peoples Democratic Celebration, PDP, for appreciating reduced cost and opportunistic politics with the most recent murders in Plateau State Nigeria.The PDP had adhering to the dissatisfied as well as unlucky murders in Plateau State over the weekend break proclaimed 7 days of mourning.The celebration in addition discussed flags can be flown at half workers throughout the period.

Make a Friend – Bring a Friend

Offer yourself to be a real close friend to an additional individual, and you provide an extremely generous gift. To have such a gift from one more is more valuable than gold. Relationship adds light and heat to our lives, and all of humanity requires to have that.

Stop Asking, Start Acting

When are we mosting likely to quit asking God to do something that He has currently given us the capacity to do ourselves? Instead of grasping how the Word works, we continuously ask God to satisfy His pledges rather than acting upon what He has actually already provided us.

Best Friend

Life is better when you have a friend who will share joy as well as reduce your concerns. Yet, some of you state, “I have no buddy,” or perhaps, “I have no pal in all.” That might be true, however every person has a far better close friend.

Nevertheless Not My Will

Just how do Believers react to the Word of God when we witness the disorder that seems to swallow up every continent of this apex called Earth? Human thinking will just enhance the negative thoughts of monitoring. We require to find to an area where we recognize our feelings, however swiftly claim, “However not my will however His be done.

Breakfast With Jesus

What a morning meal that ended up being. Jesus was telling Peter it was time for him to decide if he was truly dedicated to the calling he had actually responded to 3 years in the past.

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