New York Buddhist Church – New Year’s Fundraiser

There Is No Banquet on Offer, Only a Famine

I utilized to follow many individuals on YouTube but in following them I was compromising myself. They were not all preaching the truth. I was encouraged by the Holy Spirit to delete my memberships to YouTube networks and also only keep the ones preaching the truth. I was entrusted to just 3 channels. The people of the world assume that they are eating from a banquet when it comes to Christian fact, yet the fact is that the pure word of the Lord is rare, and also we are now in a time of starvation that was prophesied by the prophet Amos.

Addressing Prayer

There appears to be some confusion regarding that Believers are to address in their prayers. Do we pray directly to God or to Jesus?

What Skin Color Are You?

The Bible states, “”For God so liked the world that He provided His just begotten Child, that whosoever relies on Him should not die however have eternal life.” It does not say, white people, high people, abundant people, and so on, it says, “the globe,” all people. The invitation is to “whosoever,” anybody and also every person in the whole mankind. Here are some thoughts about skin shade, bigotry, privileged people and also identification national politics.

Your Biggest Creditor Has Been Paid!

Marika, our administrative righthand, functions extremely, very hard, and also I’m so grateful I can offer her a rise. Yet what a shocker to see exactly how much of the rise enters into her pocket and exactly how much to the receiver of revenue.

Walking in Your Shoes

Sometimes your life goes in a different way from what you’ve planned. After my research studies, I farmed on two wonderful red wine ranches for 12 years.

What Do You Say to the Family?

Marlene tells the tale of a physician from Klerksdorp that battled financially as a pupil. His sibling who had actually already qualified as a doctor periodically left cash in his scriptures without saying anything.

Live Like God Sees Me

Exactly how would certainly you address this concern: What did Jesus provide for you on the cross on Golgotha? Lots of people say that He passed away for their transgressions or that He was punished for the wrong they had actually dedicated.

The Offer of a Lifetime

I share any excellent deal I come across to all my WhatsApp groups. A while ago I read about excellent, correct Namibian wood.

Suffering Brings Victory

God as well as Jesus’ plan to save the world from infinite damnation was not an easy one. It brought massive pain and also suffering.

Jesus Knows

Sandra (not her real name) has been involving me for support for some time currently. Someone advised her that her partner was raping her little lady.

God Thinks the World of You

The army days weren’t enjoyable, but they were good. I found out a lot concerning myself and also about other individuals.

God Is Thinking About You

Occasionally in your life there comes a period when absolutely nothing is working out. Lately, I was investing several hrs everyday on the layout of my brand-new publication.

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