NIS-Online Fundraiser -2020

Political Climate

Adjustment has actually involved a certain degree. President-elect Joe Biden and also his vice-president Kamala Harris, remain in office to recover, revive and also heal our nation and also connections worldwide. These past four years under the Trump management has actually resembled a poisonous cancer cells dispersing from one community to an additional.

The Election 2020

Exactly how should Christians reply to political elections? What is the distinction between political kingdoms and the Heavenly Kingdom?

A Spiritual Virus

Satan desires us to have a 20/20 vision of our previous wrongs, but blind to God’s forgiveness. RECREATIONAL VEHICLE is an infection that is affecting many varieties of Believers. With the aid of Jesus, this virus can be eliminated.

Why a Real Wellness Philosophy and Lifestyle Are Way Better Than Religion

A testimonial of the salient features of each means of comprehending what life is everything about and also how to think and also act. An instance is made that REAL wellness does not assume to offer the one and also just definition of life; in addition, it has no creeds or dogmas. With REAL health, there is nobody and also only viewpoint for all; limitless variations and options dwell within its 4 measurements. The writer describes why this is a superior expectation. By contrast, religious beliefs insist one dimension fits all– everyone should believe the exact same tenets, which differ by sect as well as denomination.

What You See Is What You Get

A pal shared this unique WhatsApp message with me: Bruce Lee (not his genuine name): Pieta (not his real name), thank you for remaining in my life. I know we don’t talk usually and see one an additional also much less, however you are someone I actually appreciate.

Driving on the Fuel of Prayers

I commonly struggle to pray. I battle to rest still.

Our Epitaph

Helene composed: Weekly, a couple of street people come right here for coffee and sandwiches. Today I just recognized I had to give them that piece on exactly how to devote your life to the Lord.

Grace and Favour

Whenever I get to the beginning or end of among Paul’s letters, I come face to face with the true blessing that he loves to claim over his visitors: 3 Elegance as well as tranquility to you from God our Papa and also the Lord Jesus Christ (NIV). You and also I require a lot poise and also peace, due to the fact that it seems as if the globe available takes everything from us.

Send a Message

When I assume back on my army days, there were great times, however also times when you actually missed individuals. The most effective medication was a letter from the States, which is what we called South Africa there on the boundary.

Friends, Something on the Braai, and God

Six people get with each other to view rugby as typically as possible. We enjoy it and also have a WhatsApp team called Rugby Pals.

Looking For Encouragement?

Encouragement is an active ingredient in the Christian’s day-to-day stroll. When one sees confidence activated in the lives of various other Believers it awakens the guts and also daring to encounter the difficulties in life.

Facing The Chaos

For months our country has actually faced a tried cultural as well as moral remodeling. Foundational facts, where this nation made its world effect, have come to be the birth center of a “brand-new nation order.” Just how should the Christian react?

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