Video 20 — Church Charity Fundraising Fundraiser Agreements

The Election 2020

Just how should Christians react to political elections? What is the distinction between political kingdoms and also the Heavenly Kingdom?

A Spiritual Virus

Satan desires us to have a 20/20 vision of our previous transgressions, however callous God’s forgiveness. RVS is a virus that is affecting plenty of numbers of Believers. With the aid of Jesus, this virus can be removed.

Why a Real Wellness Philosophy and Lifestyle Are Way Better Than Religion

An evaluation of the prominent features of each method of understanding what life is all about as well as just how to think and act. A case is made that REAL health does not assume to supply the only meaning of life; furthermore, it has no creeds or convictions. With REAL wellness, there is nobody and also only ideology for all; unrestricted variations and choices dwell within its 4 dimensions. The writer discusses why this is a premium expectation. By comparison, religious beliefs firmly insist one dimension fits all– every person should believe the very same tenets, which differ by sect and religion.

What You See Is What You Get

A good friend shared this unique WhatsApp message with me: Bruce Lee (not his genuine name): Pieta (not his actual name), thank you for remaining in my life. I understand we don’t chat typically as well as see one another even much less, however you are a person I truly look up to.

Driving on the Fuel of Prayers

I often struggle to pray. I struggle to rest still.

Our Epitaph

Helene composed: Weekly, a few paupers come right here for coffee as well as sandwiches. Today I felt in one’s bones I had to give them that piece on just how to devote your life to the Lord.

Grace and Favour

Every time I get to the beginning or end of one of Paul’s letters, I come face to face with the blessing that he enjoys to say over his viewers: 3 Elegance as well as peace to you from God our Papa and also the Lord Jesus Christ (NIV). You and also I require so much elegance and tranquility, because it appears as if the globe available takes everything from us.

Send a Message

When I assume back on my army days, there were great times, yet also times when you really missed out on people. The very best medicine was a letter from the States, which is what we called South Africa there on the boundary.

Friends, Something on the Braai, and God

6 of us obtain together to watch rugby as usually as feasible. We like it and also have a WhatsApp group called Rugby Pals.

Looking For Encouragement?

Encouragement is an energetic component in the Christian’s everyday walk. When one sees belief triggered in the lives of various other Believers it stirs up the nerve and also daring to encounter the obstacles in life.

Facing The Chaos

For months our nation has dealt with a tried social and moral remodeling. Fundamental facts, where this country made its world influence, have become the birthing center of a “new nation order.” Just how should the Christian respond?

A Pizza and God’s Grace at the Take-Away Window

There is a lot power in a greeting. Years ago, we had to greet everybody with a kiss.

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